Who Am I?

As an Instagram addicted, high achieving, travel obsessed and book-reading full time student and part time model my life is busy and divergent to say the least! Studying a double degree in Public Relations & Communications and Business with a major in marketing, I find ‘New Communication Technologies’ to be a course very relevant and of interest to me – particularly as I aim to make a career in the public relations/ marketing industry.Specifically, my goal is to be employed in a creative agency where I can combine all my skills when working with clients to build and manage their brand’s image and reputation.

Katz Models by Kurtogram
The Denim Series by Kurt Edward Ian  [‘Kurtogram’] with Katz Management
Additionally, working in the modelling and promotional industry adds another element to the enthusiasm I have to deepen my understanding of how social media and other new communication technologies can be used to influence people’s perceptions about you, and how one can manipulate and use these platforms to your advantage. Spending the last six months putting immense amounts of effort into crafting my Instagram page to still show ‘the real me’ whilst also acting as a portfolio of sorts, has really shown me how the world of ‘followers’, ‘likes’, and social influence can have a massive impact on a career in the field of not only modelling and promotion, but brand management and marketing as well.


Fiji Beachouse Backpackers 2015

Having already travelled to Germany, Denmark and Fiji and being born and spending my childhood in South Africa, my love for experiencing new places and learning about their cultures and ways of life, whilst simultaneously discovering myself and expanding my perspective and attitude, has also fuelled a desire to start a blog based around travel and my passion for veganism and mindfulness. Some of my inspiration comes from the likes of Sjana Elise, whose photojournalism has led to a very successful career in working with travel agencies to promote their offered experiences and who’s other posts and video diaries based around Positivity, Health and Fitness have also attracted many readers. Her work can be found here: http://www.sjana.com.au/

Whilst it has not come into fruition just yet, I’d like to say that perhaps this year might mark the beginning of this dream, although I can’t know for sure what else is heading my way.

Talk soon!

Sass x


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