Becoming a Techwizard (Sort of)

Welcome to the first post about the weird and wonderful world of new communication technologies!

To start off the blog I wanted to share with you a few tricks that you may not have been aware of, which could save you time and effort in combing the internet and getting work done.

Firstly, in today’s age of needing a separate email account for almost each day of the week it can be hard to keep on top of all the information that requires your attention. So here’s a handy little trick; forwarding all your email accounts to one address so you can see them all in one place! Whilst I have chosen not to do this in order to maintain a little separation between my personal and professional life, which is a line becoming more blurred what with social media being such an integrated part of our lives, below is an easy-to-follow guide on what to click and select to make this happen for you:

Something else that I have recently discovered, is that one can refine a search by the publish times of searched items. So if one only wants the most recent news update, video or article one only needs to type in your search, then click ‘Search Tools’ in the bar under the search box and select ‘any time’. As you can see below, you can then choose the time-frame you want. You can also optimise by country.

Search tool demo


The last trick I wanted to share, which will especially be useful for students or those who spend a lot of time typing up documents, are  some Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts you can use that will save you from constantly clicking on the toolbar. To discover  these secrets, watch the short video below:


So there you go! Hopefully you’ve learned something new from these tricks and the frustration over incompetent technology and time wastage eases, even if only by a small amount.

Until next time,



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