This blog has been created for the purpose of analysing concepts and ideas discussed in the subject ‘New Communication Technologies’, a core course in my double degree of Public Relations and Communications & Business. However, I aim to make my posts interesting to read and thought-stimulating so feel free to engage with my content even if you aren’t familiar with this university course! Hopefully you will take something away with you about technology, the internet and social media, how they have impacted our lives, and the possibilities that these communication technologies bring to our future, as well as the concerns surrounding them.

Keep scrolling for extra videos/articles that are relevant but did not fit into a post:

  • Check out my YouTube video on social media:


  • How crazy is this? Ted Talk by principal scientist at Google, Blaise Agüera y Arcas, on how the future of computers is heading in a more creative direction-


  • Ever wondered what kept our parents entertained and connected? Click on the link below for a quick timeline on Social Media and to see how far we’ve really come with communication technology.

The Evolution of Social Media

  • Feel free to participate in my survey on social media & dating! 

  • Myself being an active participant in changing the world, check out Avaaz. org and see how you can have your say against global environmental, humanitarian and political issues without needing to leave the house or spend a cent (although you can always donate if you choose).